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Spring 2019 Newsletter

From the Lay Director

Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ:


Dawn Pipkin

Join us on Saturday, January 19 for a wonderful evening of reconnecting with your Living Stones VdC community! Come out and be blessed by seeing your brothers & sisters. There will be fellowship, music, food and a 4th day speaker. Please bring a main dish, side dish or dessert to share! Musicians should bring your instrument.

We will meet at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, 5800 Backlick Road, Springfield, VA.

Questions about the Ultreya? Contact David Bowles @

Reflections on VdC

Dear Friends,

Rainbow, now Living Stones, Via de Cristo was a large part of my life.  Then I got more involved in my local church and various other civic and volunteer activities which also became a large part of my life.  I treasure my friends from Rainbow and often think of them as I look back at group photos.

Although I can no longer be as active a participant, I am happy to support a community that supported me for so many years.  Night driving is more difficult for me, which upsets me a lot.  I'm not aging very gracefully.

De Colores,

Wes MacAdam, Catholic Cursillo, 1977 & long-time VdC member

Scholarship Fund vs. Unrestricted Giving

Men & Women Spring 2018 -- $1,040 deficit

Men & Women Fall 2018 -- $3,040 deficit

Due to shared trailer expenses, and donations made which do not come directly from team members, it is nearly impossible to separate Men's vs. Women's weekend expenses and donations.  However, it is well known that men are lax in making their suggested $200 donation.  

I recently received a Men's Team Member donation two months AFTER the weekend!  Of course the donation is welcomed but that screws up my accounting. Also, expense receipts are to be turned in within two weeks after being incurred.  

Some of the Fall women's expenses were turned in after the end of our Fiscal Year which ended in Oct 31, 2018. Some expenses dated back to the Summer.  Again, an accounting nightmare which has caused and, as IRS Form 990 preparation begins, is continuing to cause extra work on my part.

Some expense items are not expected to be covered by the $200 such as clergy attendance, hotel, and donations we make to churches if they need to hire a supply pastor.  Sometimes, an out-of-the-ordinary expense is offset by a generous donation but this is not always the case.

Rectors and Rectoras, as well as team members, need to be more fiscally responsible; we can discuss improvements to the process after New Years.

Dave, Lambert,

A Little Cursillo History

Living Stones Via De Cristo has gone through many changes over the years.  Did you know that our "Date of Formation" of our community was November 5, 1979?  Back then, we were called Rainbow Cursillo, then Rainbow Christian Community, and then as most of us remember, Rainbow Via de Cristo.

In 2018, pursuant to the constitution and bylaws of Rainbow Via de Cristo, a nonprofit corporation in good standing organized under the laws of the State of Virginia, the membership voted to change the name of the corporation to Living Stones Via de Cristo.  Both the State of Virginia and the IRS have been notified of this change in name. As we encounter others still using our old name, we have been notifying them; most recent was our insurance company when we received next year's bill addressed to Rainbow.  

The constitution and bylaws were updated to reflect this change.  Other than a "change-all" of the name, there were no significant changes.  Priscilla Macon Uskurait became our corporate representative to Virginia on April 25, 2018.  She is a member of Secretariat and also holds the title of Registered Agent Cha.  Rainbow Via de Cristo has been registered as a "doing business as" name so, if anybody forgets and makes a check out to Rainbow, the bank will still honor their donation.

Living Stones VdC is a dues-paying member of the National Lutheran Secretariat (NLS) of Via de Cristo which was formed in 1992.  Steve Gielda was recently President of NLS.  In 2018, Rose Briggs succeeded John Aclin as Region 5 Coordinator.  Since 2016, Dave Lambert has been their Database Coordinator.  NLS holds an Annual Gathering of all Lutheran Via de Cristo Secretariats.  In 2014, Rainbow and two other local Secretariats hosted this event in Baltimore.  The most recent gathering was in West Palm Beach, Florida, where 8 Rainbow, soon to become Living Stones, members attended.  NLS has now been notified of our name change.  The 2019 Annual Gathering will be held in Indianapolis and hosted by INKY VdC, A.K.A. Indiana/Kentucky Via de Cristo.  If you are interest in attending this event in July, see our new Lay Director, Dawn Pipkin.

Wendy Showalter, the current NLS President, announced in their Fall Newsletter the great news that VdC is now in Canada!  She asked that we join her in praising our Lord for His presence within Calgary Via de Cristo where our sisters and brothers in Christ held their very first weekend.  14 pilgrims and 26 team members gathered for four days of rollos, posters, worship, music, food and laughter. She said that it was obvious that the Holy Spirit danced among them as they celebrated and grew in their faith walk.

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Dave, Lambert,

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