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What Pastors say about a VdC Weekend

I first learned of the cursillo movement during my first call in 2003. A couple in the congregation I served had attended a cursillo and began encouraging other members to participate. Within a few years, well over a dozen members made the pilgrimage. Most of these people also participated in a newly formed prayer group. In the four years I served that congregation, I saw what I can only call a revival. People were more attentive to God’s leading in the church, in the world, and in their lives and more prepared to trust in the power of God’s Holy Spirit as they followed God’s lead. 

I attended my first Via de Cristo cursillo in the spring of 2018 with no small expectation: I expected God to do something life-changing in my life. I was not disappointed. Because I wanted to experience the weekend as a layperson, I did not speak of being a pastor. It was a Holy Spirit-filled and life-giving three days. Hearing about the life of discipleship from laypersons was very powerful for me. I was deeply encouraged by their stories of God at work in their lives and through them in their communities. 

I see cursillo as a gift. Yes, it is a crash-course in Christian discipleship, but it is so much more. It is an experience filled with love and grace. I encourage members of my congregation to allow themselves to receive this gift. I also encourage my family, friends, and other pastors I know to make the pilgrimage. I have been encouraging one friend to attend a Tres Dias in his community and was delighted that my wife’s brother and his wife are attending the Roman Catholic Cursillo in their community. I pray you, too, will allow God to give you this gift. I hope to see you at an upcoming Via de Cristo.

Rev. Albert Triolo

Senior Pastor
St. Mark's Lutheran Church
5800 Backlick Road
Springfield, VA

After I returned from serving as a spiritual director for the weekend, I found myself talking about Via de Cristo in many of my conversations. My wife asked me why I had become such a proponent? I told her it was simple: this weekend is about lived grace - it’s all around you, it’s about encouraging the laity as partners in ministry, and building community so we don’t feel like isolated Christians. I’ve enjoyed seeing how the community works and that it doesn’t seek to draw people from their congregations, but to empower them to work through their congregations. In one of the talks, we encourage participants to make an appointment with their pastor to see how they can be involved and grow as partners in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Jeffrey Wilson, D. Min

Senior Pastor
Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church
8712 Plantation Lane
Manassas, VA

Via de Cristo is an excellent retreat weekend designed to introduce the grace of God to the new Christian and renew along with strengthening the faith of Christians who have been around for a while. This retreat is valuable for spiritual development, spiritual growth, and inspiration to help you see/understand the grace of God that is all around you. I would encourage you to get involved in this retreat to better understand the way of Christ. My experience after participating and serving as a pastor at one of the retreats has helped me understand the grace of God in a way that’s indescribable. I always tell everyone who wants to participate or is hesitant to participate to look for one thing “The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ”. His Holy Spirit will show you His Grace. Please consider Via Cristo Today!

Derrick Miliner

Associate Pastor
Our Savior Lutheran Church
Laurel, MD

I made my Via de Cristo (Cursillo) in 1972 in Miami, Florida during my first year of pastoral ministry.  I have not had a more profound experience in which it provided deep roots for my ministry. It has provided strengthened leadership skills for congregational members who have participated and a passion for ministry.  It is most refreshing to hear people return from a Via de Cristo weekend and say, "Pastor, where can I assist?"  They get involved with great commitment, financial resources, and a friendly demeanor that blesses wherever they go.  Thank God for the gift of Via de Cristo.

Pastor Ron Qualley,

Retired Pastor
Lord of Life Lutheran Church
Fairfax, VA

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